Conference Sessions

Permafrost Sessions:

  1. General Session: Permafrost and Cold Regions Research Topics
  2. Geophysical and Remote Sensing Investigations of Changing Permafrost Landscapes
  3. New Remote Sensing Technology and Applications to Map Regional Permafrost Vulnerability
  4. Permafrost Coastal Dynamics
  5. Permafrost Dynamics, Biophysical and Socio-Economic Linkages: Connecting Science to Policy
  6. Ground-ice Distribution and its Role in Permafrost Carbon Dynamics
  7. Feedbacks and Interactions Between Snow, Vegetation, and Permafrost in Cold Regions
  8. Big imagery Permafrost Science Today and Tomorrow
  9. Bridging Research Gaps in Snow and Permafrost with Advanced Sensing and Monitoring Technologies
  10. Water in Permafrost Systems – An Interdisciplinary Consideration
  11. Taking a Look at the Overlooked: Microorganisms and their Processes in Permafrost
  12. Permafrost Dialogue: Using Storytelling and Multimedia to Communicate Arctic Change
  13. Flooding and Permafrost Thaw
  14. The Role of Permafrost in Structure, Function, and Evolution of Rivers and Deltas
  15. Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P)
  16. Permafrost Data Systems 
  17. Unique Challenges of Permafrost in Mountain Areas
  18. Changing Biogeochemistry of Permafrost Regions
  19. Rock Glacier Inventories and Kinematics
  20. Planetary Permafrost

Cold Regions Engineering Sessions:
  1. General Session: Cold Regions Engineering
  2. Merging Engineering and Science for Permafrost Solutions
  3. Infrastructure Engineering on Permafrost
  4. Transportation Engineering in Permafrost
  5. Infrastructure Built on Permafrost - Assessing Risks from Climate Change Impacts and Societal Challenges
  6. Unique Aspects of Permafrost Soils
  7. Permafrost Engineering: State-of-the-Art and Climate Warming – Methods, Innovations, and Periglacial Associations
  8. Highway Bridges in Cold Regions: Performance and Design Issues
  9. Snow and Ice
  10. Geologic Terrain Analysis, Geomorphic Mapping in Support of Infrastructure Development
  11. Permafrost Thermal Analysis
  12. Community Resilience; Protect, Migrate, Relocate
  13. Engineering Properties of Frozen Soils
  14. Transportation Infrastructure in Cold Climates
  15. Construction, Mining, and Oil and Gas in Cold Regions
  16. Geophysics in Engineering
  17. Pipelines
  18. Freezing Soils
  19. Environmental, Biological, and Regulatory Studies
  20. Arctic Environmental and Engineering Data and Design Support System (Arctic-EDS)


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