USPA Committees

USPA Committees are voluntary groups of permafrost engineers and scientists that help keep this organization running. Each committee works on a number of tasks related to their committee area, and their efforts have made many of the USPA's activities, resources and publications possible. If you're a USPA member and you're interested in joining a USPA committee, please contact the respective committee chair for more information.

Membership Committee

Jerry Brown (Chair)
Ben Jones
Emma Lathrop
Molly McGraw
James Rooney
Anna Wagner
Michael Lilly

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Jessica Ernakovich (Co-Chair), Bob Bolton (Co-Chair)
Christian Andresen
Helena Bergstedt
Katie Braun

Julian Dann
Shannon Dillard

Kristina Levine
Risa Madoff
Mara Nutt
Anna Wagner
Cathy Wilson

To contact this committee please reach out to Bob Bolton ([email protected]).
You can also connect with us on our Slack workspace.

USPA-PYRN Educational Fund (UPEF) {PYRN = Permafrost Young Researchers Network}

Emma Lathrop (Chair)
Jennifer Watts
Anna Wagner
Matthew Whitley
Melissa Ward Jones

Permafrost Engineering Education Program (PEEP)

Ming Xiao (Chair)
Amy Steiner
Anna Wagner
Austen Whitney
Heather Brooks
Helena Bergstedt
Jason Zottola
John Zarling
Kevin Bjella
Michael Lilly
Peppi Croft
Susan Wilson
Torsten Mayrberger
Yuri Shur


John Thornley (Temporary Chair)
Elizabeth Kubacki
Gary Whitton
Jerry Brown
Julian Dann
Kristina Levine
Leyton Fu
Michael Lilly
Oliver Frauenfeld
Sharon Tahirkheli
Susan Wilson
Yirlen Arias

Public Relations

Peppi Croft (Co-Chair), Susan Wilson (Co-Chair)
Cathy Wilson
Julian Dann
Kevin Schaefer
Torsten Mayrberger

Presidents' Council

Ed Yarmak (Chair)
Jerry Brown (Honorary Past President)
Doug Kane (2002, First USPA President)
Larry Hinzman (2003)
Bucky Tart (2004)
Vladimir Romanovsky (2005)
Fritz Nelson (2006)
Jon Zufelt (2007)
Ken Hinkel (2008)
Yuri Shur (2009)
James Rooney (2010)
Torre Jorgenson (2011)
Oliver Frauenfeld (2012)
Michael Lilly (2013)
Ed Yarmak (2014)
Thomas Krzewinski (2015)
Mark Waldrop (2016)
Tom Douglas (2017)
Anna Liljedahl (2018)
Dmitry (Dima) Streletskiy (2019)
John Zarling (2020)
Cathy Wilson (2021)